Yellow Edge Gallery

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Founded in 2019 the Yellow Edge Gallery is one of Hampshire’s newest contemporary art galleries.  It is not a commercial gallery, but instead was set up to provide artists with a space of their own to exhibit, discuss, engage and share their work with an audience.  

The Gallery is named after the painting ‘Yellow Edge’ by the American artist Barnett Newman (1905 – 1970).  Newman is considered to be one of the major figures of abstract expressionism and one of the foremost of the colour-field painters.

Yellow Edge was completed by Newman in 1968 approximately two years before his death in 1970.  It was never exhibited in his lifetime. This is the only painting where Newman covered almost the entire surface in dense black; it is also unusual because he placed the vibrant yellow vertical “zip” at the right edge of the canvas. The painting is acrylic on canvas it is 238 x 193 cm in size and is considered to be his last work.

The Gallery aims to specialise in modern and contemporary works and showcase emerging artists working in a variety of media.  Its mission is to exhibit contemporary works by practicing artists, promoting and strengthening the community of artists, and fostering new relationships with fellow artists.