Stoke Park Railway


The Guildford Model Engineering Society was founded in 1954 with the objectives of “promoting fellowship between members, developing, encouraging and providing facilities for the hobby of model engineering including the construction and operation of models of all kinds including tools, apparatus and equipment to any scale”.

In 1958 the Society moved to Burchatts Farm, Stoke Park, Guildford, which has been leased from Guildford Borough Council ever since. On 1st April 1983 the Society became a “Private Company Limited by Guarantee”.

The Stoke Park Railway at GMES is a popular venue for children’s birthday parties and family or other celebrations. We provide exclusive use of the trains on our ground level miniature passenger-carrying railway for up to three hours and we also offer the use of the clubhouse and grounds for your own catering and other activities.


Burchatts Farm Entrance, Stoke Park, London Road


United Kingdom