Mozart    Vesperae solennes de confessore, K339
Mozart's youthful second and more frequently performed setting of the Vespers.
Haydn    Mass No. 12 in B flat : 'Theresienmesse'
In his mid- to late-sixties, Haydn wrote six great masses, for the Esterházy family, to celebrate the name day of Princess Maria Hermenegild, the wife of Prince Nikolaus II.  This is one of four in the key of B flat, in this case the key reflecting the instruments at Haydn's disposal at that time.

The Occam Singers is a chamber choir based in Guildford that enjoys a reputation for high-calibre music making which reflects our love of choral singing, music and friendship.

Our rehearsals and concerts are held in the Guildford area and we are always pleased to welcome new members. Singers have a wide range of musical backgrounds and ‘day jobs’ and a hallmark of our choir is the importance placed on friendship and fun.

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