MA Acting presents Widows.

In a war-torn village, all the men have disappeared, and a military junta rule. Down by the river, the women wait, and hope. When bodies start to wash up on the river’s banks, the women defy the military the only way they can.
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BA Musical Theatre presents and outdoor performance of The Wind in the Willows.

Join the impulsive Mr Toad as he lands himself in great trouble and in danger of losing his home to the wicked Wild Wooders. With the help of his dear friends Badger, Mole, and Rat, Mr Toad must embark on a thrilling adventure to clear his name, but will he ever change his ways?
Enjoy the Jubilee Weekend with an outdoor theatre experience at Racks Close in Guildford.
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Our Foundation Acting students present Attempts on Her Life.

This abstract play explores the multiple identities of ‘Anne’ – a victim, a terrorist, and at times not human at all. Who is ‘Anne’? A question that haunts the audience, but does it even matter at all? “She could be any one of us.”
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BA Actor-Musician presents As You Like It.

Forced from her uncle’s court, Rosalind along with her best friend Celia, journey into the fantastical Forest of Arden. With a cross-dressing heroine, musical tunes, questionable poetry, and a love-struck Orlando, this classic Shakespeare play is a joyous show for all the family.
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MA Musical Theatre presents Amour.

Set in post-war Paris, this charming musical follows the story of civil servant, Dusoleil, who develops the baffling ability to walk through walls. With this new power, he takes from the rich and gives to the poor whilst winning the heart of the woman he’s been pining for.
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MA Acting presents 13.

A disturbing, identical dream haunts Londoners caught in the grip of economic crisis and street protests. As the prime minister considers whether to go to war, a young man returns home. He has a vision for the future.
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GSA BA Musical Theatre production of Bells are Ringing.

The bells are ringing the ‘chimes of love’ for our answering service operator, Ella, as she falls in love with the voice of a man she’s yet to meet! This bright and breezy musical comedy follows our heroine in her search for heart-warming romance.

GSA BA Musical Theatre production of The Sweet Smell of Success.

1950s New York: Newspaper reporter, Sidney Falcone, has the dirt on everyone. Gossip columnist, JJ Hunsecker, offers him the ‘sweet smell of success’ with a new project – to ruin the relationship between JJ’s sister and her new lover.

GSA BA Acting production of Macbeth.

The classic play we all know and love, built upon witchcraft, prophecy, and murder. Macbeth battles to become King and Lady Macbeth can’t live with blood on her hands any longer – will guilt triumph over greed?