Jan is based in Haslemere, Surrey and works with white clay to produce sculptures and vessels exploring form and its place in space. Simple shapes with apertures, and possibly free moving additions, explore geometry and balance. Circular pieces ‘float’ from their plinths whilst square forms utilize repeated proportions.

After a career in business, starting as a computer programmer in the mid-sixties, she returned to art some 25 years ago with sculptures from a life model. Although still producing figurative sculptures she has moved much more towards the abstract form.

Sculptural Forms

A chance discovery of a white-firing clay with amazing handbuilding attributes means that she is constantly seeing how far she can take this material. All her pieces are developmental, one form generates ideas for further work. Her most frequent thought is: “I wonder if that could work?”

Glazed vessel forms

She frequently produces a vessel/pot piece, but it has NO PRACTICAL VALUE, it will not hold water and could never be used a vase. She thinks of these as sculptures in the shape of a pot.


As a member of Wey Ceramics Society, she was enthusiastic when they decided to acquire a RAKU kiln but was not personally interested in raku firing. She now has her own raku kiln and explores combining various raku techniques within one piece. She also enjoys the conviviality of the raku process and always love the communal oooh when a piece is extracted from the kiln at 1000⁰ AND SURVIVES. She has called some of these pieces ‘wabi sabi’ which is a Japanese aesthetic sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature.

Firing Temperatures

The low fired white sculptures have only been fired to 1040⁰. Although this keeps them as light coloured as possible it does mean that they are not frost proof and are unsuitable to display outdoors.

Alba by Jan Hite Ceramica Sculpture on Stained Wooden Plinth  £195


I paint from nature. Landscapes, gardens and botany provide the shapes, lines, colours and textures I like most. I explore techniques to find the medium, surface, colour and style that best tell the story of what I see and can imagine from what I see. After five years exploration, I am still working-out how to paint something that is even marginally as pleasing as Nature itself.

 E: julie3verity@gmail.com

W: www.julieverityart.co.uk

M: 07855 754759


Vicky is an artist and printmaker who likes to find beauty in the everyday - some weeds on a roadside, or a cluttered windowsill can set off a new collection. She treasures both the eccentric and the ordinary, inspired by collections of found objects and natural forms; she is fascinated with the structure and design found in flowers and plants, often redrawing the same plant many times over to explore the subtle variations in its form.

07931758028   Vicky@vickyoldfield.co.uk
vickyoldfieldartist   @vicky_oldfield   ArtistVickyOldfield


NAOMI BEEVERS  I am a textile and mixed media artist using pre-loved largely domestic items and looking at the sunny side of life. My love of humour, social history, textiles cookery and nature combine in my 3D and wall art pieces.  My childhood in the 1960’s and 70’s Devon and Cornwall has influenced my art and has given me an appreciation of art of that era, vintage domestic items and local wildlife.  Now living in Surrey, I spend a lot of time walking locally and watching the beautiful birds.

 naomibeevers@outlook.com - nbtextileart.com - 07947 707324

ROSALINDA KIGHTLEY  After many years as a children’s book illustrator, Rosalinda now paints flowers and still lifes along with gently surreal landscapes where rabbits exist in semi-human form.  She loves to walk through urban or country landscapes, always with an eye open for the strange or slightly odd. Photographs are then used as a starting point for many of her paintings.  Plants, flowers, unusual structures and buildings are a great source of inspiration.  Her past life as a book illustrator means Rosalinda’s paintings often have a narrative element running through them. It’s up to us to decide what that story is.

 rozkightley59@gmail.com - rosalindakightley.com - 07564 344519



The sculptures contain components which are all man made. They come from diverse sources, either found or donated to the artist by very different people from different backgrounds.

These quirky pieces hopefully carry a positive message, albeit about recycling, one can make something aesthetically pleasing with reused objects out of varied origins.

E: domieg@hotmail.com

Facebook: Dominique Goodwin Art

M: 07969 908026

by Dominique Goodwin

Guildford Arts is presenting an exhibition of 3D Found Objects by Dominique Goodwin at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre on the Stalls Landing from       8 August to 11 September.  If you are in town and fancy a coffee go into the YAT Cafe - Tuesday-Saturday 10.00am - 3.30pm and pop upstairs to look at the work.  You won't regret it.

If you wish to purchase a piece please contact Sue Dragon E: sue@thedragons5.plus.com M:07572 033967 on behalf of Guildford Arts.




Jane Hawkins explores the connections between organic and human physiology.

The often unseen, entangled and beautiful mechanisms that make up life on our planet.

As a teacher Jane was Head of Art at a Prep School, taught drawing at the British Museum and mixed media in studios and at workshops across Surrey and Sussex. She has exhibited in France, Germany, Barcelona, Miami, India and in the UK.

She currently works from her studio in Dorking.

See more and contact Jane at:
instagram: www.instagram.com/jane.hawkins3
email: janehawkins9453@gmail.com

Into the Peace of Wild
Things (1) by Jane Hawkins



Jim grew up as an analogue photographer, capturing images on film.  But nowadays his images are digital and taken with whatever camera he has with him at the time. Whichever capture medium he uses, his printed output is almost always black and white. He finds the absence of colour removes distractions.

Jim’s photography has always been driven by shape and texture. Digital processing allows these be further emphasised.

As for technique,  he observes, photographs what he finds interesting and then lets the images speak. The work on display is from an ongoing series called France Perdue. It was taken during travels on the canals of France, which often pass through less frequented towns and villages. Here there are many examples of buildings which were once vibrant and productive, but which are now silent and abandoned.  As they decay, they still bear witness to the hopes of their users over the years.

See more and contact Jim at:
instagram: www.instagram.com/jim_robertson_photo
email: james.m.robertson@btinternet.com


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