Chris Silk

An award-winning street photographer who specialises in candid images taken within urban environments. All his photographs are unposed, taken on the spur of the moment and usually use natural light for whatever surroundings are available at the time. Chris aims to tell an authentic, true-life story through an image. He is particularly interested in using photography to transform a seemingly mundane moment into something more humorous or surreal.

Sarah Cox

Sarah likes to contrast elements of tight, structured paintwork with loose, atmospheric washes and gestural marks. Colour and texture are both dominant elements in the paintings.  Expect to see a mixture of sweeping brush strokes, palette knife work, dripping paint, scratched back surfaces and washy pools of paint.


Jeremy is a landscape photographer specialising mainly in atmospheric, local winter landscape. He often returns to locations where the scenes gradually change over the years.  We live in what can be an ever-changing, unpredictable and dangerous world and he has set out to find and photograph the beauty in our landscapes so that we can appreciate what we have now, or at least in the moment.  W:  M:07724 115087


Katy's love of nature and being outside led to a career change. She trained and qualified with distinctions with the Royal Horticulteral Society to become a horticulturist, designer and advisor. She has designed, built, planted and rescued many beautiful gardens.  Katy spends much of her spare time outside, walking the countryside of Wales and her much loved hills and commons of Surrey.  These places are the inspiration for her paintings.

E:  M: 07939 923470

Bluebells Spring Green

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