Leith Hill and the Path Just Stopped

Tony Watson

07889 094543

Tony is a fine artist and designer. A sense of place is important to him and he employs a variety of methods to capture what matters. He produces work in traditional and digital media, such as paint, photography, video, print, 3D, text and digital work. Although he loves to use oil paints, being naturally versatile, he feels perfectly at home mixing the traditional and the contemporary. The landscape, in all its forms, is the subject that he is drawn to, although he often explores other subjects and methods. He also has a keen interest in still life. He enjoys the discipline of observation and challenges of execution needed to achieve a result akin to the work of the Dutch Masters.

Tony has a commercial Graphic Design background that is a big influence on his work, as is the subject of maritime and local landscape (he was born in Liverpool and now lives in Surrey). Recently and increasingly, what interests him is his place within a landscape and its relevance to him personally, rather than just what’s observed. He is attracted to the narrative in places, often discovered as a hidden story or hint of history. Because he is no longer able to access many places, he is currently exploring the idea of imagined landscapes reconstructed from memories and details noted in different ways. In 2010 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This has accelerated his artistic ambitions and the condition will undoubtedly influence what and how he creates. He has accepted that Parkinson’s will be an increasing challenge in his life, but will let his work grow with its influence. It is part of who he is and what he creates.

Still Life - Silver and Fruit
Crib Goch (Red Ridge) Snowdon
A River Runs Through It
Surprising Nodnol