Sue Ransley
07876 21420

Sue is a people painter, a painter of everyday folk, she looks to portray an honest but affectionate take on ordinary moments. It is either, literally about what she sees, or the dialogue in her head at the time, her hope being that you will recognise something in the image, evoking a sense of the familiar. Her people fill the canvas, with just a hint of place to give them context, and her style ranges from a nod to the graphic styles of the 50's to something more impressionistic.

Primarily Sue works in oil, but occasionally enjoy the zen of working with watercolour. She relies on her own photography for reference, as her camera, catches the moment that caught her attention. Generally her work is Alla Prima, focusing on the essence of the image, rather than the finer detail, and she is a great one for working part of the time upside down, (the canvas that is, not Sue) to ensure she keeps her work loose!

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