Shawn Randall
07572 423346

Shawn focuses mainly on drawing, but sometimes paints with oils, acrylic or watercolour, but the bulk of his practice is focused on original drawings. These are then photographed and manipulated, some of these digitally, to make new work, with the final giclée print process creating fine art prints.
His ‘Universally speaking’ series comprises ten original A3 graphite drawings on paper, and a collection of A3 and A2 prints.
All the work comes directly from his original hand drawn pieces
The themes in Shawn’s work are broad in scope, drawing inspiration from symbology, ancient history, mythology, religion and science.
His style blends architectural lines and geometries, with natural shapes and forms, creating intricate works of fine art.
Shawn Randall –
‘For me, symbols are a language, they transcend cultural barriers and allow me to communicate with a global audience. I like to think I produce aesthetically pleasing work, but there is always an undertone: a spikiness, a shadow or some awkward, organic form. Nothing is ever truly perfect, and I play with this tension’.

Shawn’s fine prints are handled by Otters Pool Studio

Kraken 2016
Medusa 2018
Inception 2017
Metropolis II