Trees Marching

Ruth Cameron

01865 242776

Ruth’s paintings in this exhibition exemplify what catches her eye: INTRINSIC PATTERNS, whether occurring naturally in the countryside, or created by architectural design.

Ruth enjoys working in a variety of media, notably acrylic, gouache, pastel, pen & ink. Over the years, her work gradually but insistently has evolved into the semi-abstract. She is especially rivetted by the strong and vivid patterns that emerge seemingly spontaneously in nature, but similarly inspired by architectural details on buildings. Reflections from, or views through, windows – often abruptly perceived in passing or waiting at bus stops – are another, related, focus. The challenge is to manipulate all that to a further level. Exaggeration and even distortion has fine aesthetic appeal. Some of the results are on display here.

Born and raised in New York, she came to Europe in 1965, ultimately settling in the UK, where she married and produced three children. The art world generally, and painting in particular, always has featured significantly in her life. Ruth has been painting seriously since childhood, and it has remained her main diversion from the strains of parenting and the pressures of working life through the years.

Her work has been exhibited individually, in group exhibitions at various sites in the Southeast and in Southern France, where we live part of the year.

Window to Oblivion, New York
Quinconce, Ramboillet