Ros Burgin

07980 033 871

After an initial career as a professional sailor Ros went on to take a degree in Fine Art at University for the Creative Arts. Since graduating in 2002, she has been exhibiting in sculpture parks and galleries as well as making site-responsive and site-specific pieces and installations for different locations. She is interested in sustainability particularly of the marine environment and women’s role in society and accordingly she makes pieces that advocate for social change.

Ros make artwork often using found material and found objects, used as a whole or in parts, selected because of their intrinsic qualities and aesthetics. She adapts and takes on new working methods accordingly employing a variety of processes to develop new pieces.
There is a conceptual starting point for much of her work and she works out her ideas in whatever material or form is appropriate, researching the material and objects recycled and looking into to the processes used to make them and why they were used and by whom. This informs and influences the final artworks.

Reclining Figure
Thames Section