Sardinia 1

Jo Alwyn
M: 07949 205971 T: 01252 447581

Jo is a hand weaver and textile artist based in Farnham. Jo uses the structure and form inherent to weaving as boundaries that can be pushed to create abstract images. Her work is also a response to the fibres that are used and the choice of fibre will reflect on what is being explored at the time. Most of Jo’s works are of a decorative nature and include wall hangings and framed pieces that are for hanging in a domestic or business environment.
Jo currently has two main bodies of work, Aphrodite’s Girdle and TTM. The Aphrodite’s Girdle series are inspired by Neolithic “Venus” figures and their decoration. These early representations of what is essentially feminine inform the works in this group, which are largely spontaneous, captured moments. Related to these are the very different TTM works that are abstracted pictorial pieces based on natural phenomena. These too capture a point in time, but are seeking a still point of reflection rather than an instance of energy.
I am interested in the boundaries that can be pushed, from which abstracted images interpreting natural phenomena can be produced.

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