Lantern with Reflection

Gina McSweeney

07986 476641

Gina trained in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art and Fine Art and History of Art at Leeds University.

In all of Gina’s work is a fascination with light and form, be it figures enjoying the evening light on a beach or sun filtering through birch trees on her local common. It is this preoccupation with trying to capture light that inspired the recent series of ‘Vintage Light Bulbs’.

In these paintings Gina has set about trying to isolate the light source and to capture the rich glow and warmth that the filament bulbs generate. To do this she has used a classical style of painting used by 17th Century artists such as Caravaggio who used dramatic contrast known as ‘chiaroscuro’ to create light. The result is that the paintings really appear to glow.

Two LIght Bulbs