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Evy Meehan
07955 398955

Evy Meehan born in Poland, artist, interior designer and architect. Graduated from The University of Szczecin in Poland, with Master’s degree in Architecture and Spatial Planning. She first came to London in 2006 to experience working in large practices like RTKL Ltd. and TP Bennett before taking to art full time.
Ever since she can remember art has been a big part of her life. Evy learned the basic technique of drawing at Art Academy in Poland.
She then developed her own style.
Most of her artwork has geometrical feel to it as its inspired by architecture. It contains little or no recognizable forms from the physical world. Focus is on formal elements such as colours, lines, or shapes. She abstracts objects from real life, changing, simplifying, exaggerating what she sees into colourful compositions full of lines and shapes.
She uses colour to capture reflections, refractions and shards of light.
Making observations from what she sees gives her acrylic canvases a wonderful depth and substance. However there is an air of simplicity to her work.

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