School Bus

David Dragon
T: 01483 573538 M:07950 491420

As well as painting and occasionally printmaking, David continues to pursue his life-long interest in photography, dating back to snaps taken on his Box Brownie.

Now in possession of more sophisticated equipment he continues to document the world around him, particularly when on his travels.

Resisting the digital revolution for some years, David eventually succumbed, reluctantly putting aside his medium format Fuji and Leica 35mm for a Nikon digital. However, the photographs David has chosen to exhibit were not shot digitally, but on colour film using the Fuji medium format camera and hand-printed as C Type prints. They were taken on trips around the South Western States of the USA, notably Arizona and New Mexico.

Cars are a rich source for subjects here, as the dry climate prolongs the life a vehicle meaning older models last much longer. This, and the relatively simple pre-computer engine mechanics means that owners can tinker around in their back yards and keep them running well beyond their years.

David is equally interested in the location of the chosen subject rather than a straight documentation of the vehicle itself. This means that often, the whole car or in some cases, bus, is not included in the frame, bringing in other elements that place the subject in its environment.

For David, photography can be summed up in a quote from photographer Ernst Haas. “ There is only you and your camera, the limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what you see is what you are.”

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