Peta in Yellow

Beth Osler

01483 560072

Beth has always enjoyed using paper, making vessels, candelabras, jewellery etc. Now for the past 16 years she has been making collage pictures, mostly inspired by the countryside around her as well as some portraits of family and friends. The camping picture is a representation of an annual event to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

Beth is not a fast worker and makes 3 or 4 pictures a year at best. It is a long process, firstly ripping out pages from magazines until she has the colour range needed. Tearing, cutting, trying things out, fixing, starting and repeating again. After much patience and frustration it is ready to stick down but again a fiddly and time-consuming process.

She hopes you recognise some of the landscapes and some of you may recognise Peta White who is shown in Peta in Yellow.

If you are interested she has had Fine Art Glicee prints made of these images which are available unframed for £50 each.

The Mile Path