Estonian Cornflower Field

Becca Clegg
01483 870127

Becca Clegg BA(Hons) uses her own unique style to create panoramas of favourite places. She uses acrylic, both thickly and thinly, to create different effects. Her current inspiration comes from “Fields of Flowers” which she depicts in a rigorous, slightly abstracted, way deliberately showing brushmarks and splatter and great blocks of flat colour, which inspires her pieces. She enjoys having fun with the paint, adding inks for saturated colour and their fluidity, working wet into wet for some of it, and seeing where the journey takes the piece. She finishes each work with deliberate and random marks until it reaches a point where it pleases her.

Becca obtained a BA(Hons) Degree at Kingston University & practiced as an Interior Designer for nearly 15 years, before returning to her true love of painting, studying at the St Ives School of Painting for a time and enjoying local life drawing classes. She has exhibited widely, including at Baker Tilly, also with Guildford Arts, Rose Theatre, Kingston and Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, where she was invited to exhibit for 3 months last year and sold well, including to the Chairman. She has many paintings in collections in Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Dubai. She has sold through several galleries, including the Lightbox in Woking, Bourneside in Dorking, Obsidian in Stoke Manderville, at Denbies, at Landmark Arts, & at her own Open Studios. She currently has paintings at Itch Gallery, Rutland and Suki Gallery in Tutbury as well as at Obsidian Gallery in their selected Spring Collection. She exhibits annually at Guildford Institute. Becca runs art classes for 7 – 12 year olds each month and lives in Guildford with her family.

Pink Poppy Field
Maremma, Rapeseed
Stripy Tulip Field