Luskentire Blue 1

Andrew Webster
07747 101528

Andrew is a photographer who works across a range of subjects from landscapes to abstracts. He is inspired by colour, space and stories as much as places or people. So his images are often grouped in panels that tell the story of a place or an event and capture its essential visual elements and character. He is inspired by painters (Turner, Rothko or Heron) as by photographers or locations, and seeks to distil, through palette and texture, the essence of a scene.

His work includes landscapes from India to the Outer Hebrides, wild places in low light, performers on the street and on stage and everyday abstract images. He has two Royal Photographic Society Distinctions – a Licentiate, an Associateship and he is an active member of Dorking Camera Club.

Andrew uses a mirror-less digital camera and his Dad’s old Nikon Film SLR, but most of all, his iPhone to capture images as he sees them.

Andrew hopes you enjoy these images and welcomes your responses to them.

Luskentire Blue 2
Luskentire Blue 3
Luskentire Blue 4
Under the Arches