Anomalous 2

Adriana Brinksmead-Stockham
07711 605935

A regular exhibitor at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London and with collectors as far afield as Australia, Singapore, North America and Continental Europe, Adriana’s reputation as a skilled and expressive glass artist is now expanded beyond the United Kingdom.

Formally trained in glass design and making (under- and post-graduate) she also enjoys researching and exploring new techniques and pushing traditional methods to their limits.

Adriana draws upon the natural creations brought about by the combination of water and wind on our environments, and the Iceberg Series body of work is the result of a recent trip to Alaska where Adriana was lucky enough to travel to and walk on several glaciers. Each Iceberg is unique due to the way in which it is made – from model and mould-making to casting and finishing, everything is destroyed by the processes used.

Adriana’s new eggshell-thin Pate de Verre work centres around the fragility of memory and memories and seeks a solution to capturing their elusiveness.

Iceberg 3
Anomalous 1
Iceberg 6
Iceberg 4