Our core belief is that the ARTS are an essential component to enrich people’s lives. We all deserve a quality of life that includes the nurturing and expressive aspects of the arts. The ARTS humanise community and provide us with inspiration and opportunities to connect as people. ART is important in every society. It tells the tales of that society’s development, both trials and tribulations. Culturally speaking, the ARTS allow for the expression of creative exercise and teach tolerance for diversity. The ARTS also hold great financial and economic benefit for Guildford, as it attracts visitors and gives Guildford a strong identity.

For many years, we have been committed to opening the world of the ARTS for everyone, connecting people to the ARTS and to each other. The social aspect of membership is intrinsic in everything that we do. We want to connect people together that have a passion for the ARTS and ultimately our work creates a better, healthier and more connected society.

The objectives of our charity:

  • To raise the profile of ARTS in Guildford and to encourage the development of Guildford as an artistic and cultural hub
  • To make the ARTS inclusive and accessible for everyone
  • To offer practical advice, networking and support to those working within the ARTS, and
  • To advocate for the important contribution that the ARTS and creative industries make to today’s society

How will we do this?

  • Utilise funding from our membership to provide financial support for emerging artists / artistic endeavours
  • Offer support to artists and artistic initiatives via our network of members with a wealth of knowledge and experience of ARTS provision and resources
  • Use our website to promote Guildford’s ARTS events both on the website, via regular email newsletters and via social media
  • Use the information gathered through our activities and other personal interactions to further ideas about ARTS venues, public ART provision and the availability of ARTS experiences

Guildford Arts, 2021