Use this page to add a new event.

To add images you are recommended to locate them on your desktop so they can be ‘dragged’ into the media library when required. They will be retained in the library should you wish to use them again.

NOTE: If you do not add a separate image as indicated, the Twitter feed will also lack an image!

Categories: When selecting multiple categories hold down the CMD key while pressing the enter key.

Should your Venue or Organisation not be available, you are welcome to add them via the main menu. Whether you do this or not, if the required component is not available here please inform the site administrators via so that we can ensure your entry is complete.

For reasons of site security, once submitted your entry will be reviewed by a site administrator – typically within 48 hours. This is a necessary precaution to ensure site quality and security.

Thank you for promoting your event with Guildford Arts.

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