Our core belief is that the ARTS are an essential component to enrich people’s lives. We all deserve a quality of life that includes the nurturing and expressive aspects of the arts. The ARTS humanise community and provide us with inspiration and opportunities to connect as people. ART is important in every society. It tells the tales of that society’s development, both trials and tribulations. Culturally speaking, the ARTS allow for the expression of creative exercise and teach tolerance for diversity. The ARTS also hold great financial and economic benefit for Guildford, as it attracts visitors and gives Guildford a strong identity.

For many years, we have been committed to opening the world of the ARTS for everyone, connecting people to the ARTS and to each other. The social aspect of membership is intrinsic in everything that we do. We want to connect people together that have a passion for the ARTS and ultimately our work creates a better, healthier and more connected society.

The objectives of our charity:

  • To raise the profile of ARTS in Guildford and to encourage the development of Guildford as an artistic and cultural hub
  • To make the ARTS inclusive and accessible for everyone
  • To offer practical advice, networking and support to those working within the ARTS, and
  • To advocate for the important contribution that the ARTS and creative industries make to today’s society

How will we do this?

  • Utilise funding from our membership to provide financial support for emerging artists / artistic endeavours
  • Offer support to artists and artistic initiatives via our network of members with a wealth of knowledge and experience of ARTS provision and resources
  • Use our website to promote Guildford's ARTS events both on the website, via regular email newsletters and via social media
  • Use the information gathered through our activities and other personal interactions to further ideas about ARTS venues, public ART provision and the availability of ARTS experiences

Guildford Arts, 2021

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Guildford Shakespeare Company, Love's Labour's Lost 2018 (Photo Matt Pereira)

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Art@Clyde&Co is a continuing series of art exhibitions, four per year, arranged within the offices of Clyde&Co – a major firm of solicitors with an office in Guildford.


However, the exhibitions ran with considerable success for over 15  years.

It provided a valuable platform for the display of works by painters, photographers, print makers, ceramicists and sculptors and indeed any kind of visual artist located within the Guildford area, London and the South East.

Most, but by no means all, exhibiting artists were professionally qualified and readily able to provide a selection of work – typically six to eight pieces depending upon size.

Participation was by invitation.

The aims of the programme:

  • enhance the quality of the working environment
  • encourage a broader awareness of the visual arts
  • promote the work of visual artists
  • generate funding for the arts

Exhibitions continued for a three month period and were viewed by staff, company clients, Guildford Arts members and, by arrangement, members of the public.

A private viewing was held for each exhibition attended by members of GA, their guests and guests of the exhibiting artists. The majority of exhibits were available for purchase. 

The host organisation generously provides the catalogue and food and drink for the private viewings. They also placed details of the exhibitions on their company intranet so providing, potentially, international exposure for exhibiting artists.

(Also, until recently, exhibitions were held in the offices of RSM, accountants. Sadly these have recently ceased but Guildford Arts is most grateful for the support received from RSM – previously Baker Tilly – over the many exhibitions that were arranged during some 13 years).

For further information, please contact the Art@Clyde&Co coordinator by email:


Clyde&Co , an international commercial law firm, has been active in Guildford for over thirty years. Their world-wide offices employ several hundred lawyers and support staff.

Since October 2001, Guildford Arts has organised continuous exhibitions in Clyde&Co’s Guildford office, initially Beaufort House and located in the centre of the town at:

1 Stoke Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4HWT: +44 (0) 20 7876 5000

Clyde&Co’s activities cover many practice areas including aviation and aerospace, corporate and commercial law, EC competition and trade regulations, energy, shipping, transport and logistics.

Through their connections in insurance and international trade, Clyde & Co has been involved in a number of important art-related cases.

Artist-Tutor Wuon-Gean Ho, Japanese Vinyl, at Ochre Print Studio

Each Summer, during August, Guildford Arts presents a distinctive exhibition of contemporary art in the Mill Studio, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. (Sadly, due to the Covid pandemic, YAA 2020 did not take place.)

Artist_Tutor Steve Edwards Teaching At Ochre Print Studio

A team of committed arts enthusiasts spend several months visiting Art Exhibitions in the Guildford Area, London and across the South East to select and invite a variety of local and national artists to exhibit work. The exhibition has acquired a significant reputation among artists and buyers of art for an annual collection of 2D and 3D art that offers a broad range of styles and affordable prices!

Want to make a further enquiry?

Please email:

GA Summer Exhibition 2018

GA Summer Exhibition 2019

Guildford Arts offers its members the opportunity to take advantage of our regular mailings

These are distributed to some 500 addresses –  including a growing list of our many ‘buyers’ who have purchased artworks at our exhibitions. Seven mailings occur at roughly 2 monthly intervals throughout the year. (See below)

Guildford Shakespeare Company,
Romeo and Juliet 2018 (Photo Matt Pereira)

We distribute flyers, invitations, membership materials and our newsletter. It is quite usual for a mailing to contain 10 or more individual ‘communications’ – most of which are provided by our Organisation Members.

We request a contribution of £50 per mailing towards postage and materials costs – and we ask that 500 copies of the item (usually a flyer!) be delivered at least three days before the mailing date.

Note: It is important to register your intention to use the mailing service at least two weeks ahead of the chosen mailing date so that we can arrange sufficient 'resources' for the 'stuffing' session!

All label production and envelope 'stuffing' is undertaken by our committee members!

For more details, please contact us by email:


Note: It is important to register your intention to use the mailing service at least two weeks ahead of the chosen mailing date so that we can arrange sufficient 'resources' for the 'stuffing' session!

Mailing Dates for 2021 will be announced once the Covid 19 situation has been clarified!

January 21st 2021

April 23rd 2021

June 15th 2021

Are you seeking funding for an arts initiative that will take place within the Borough of Guildford? Need help with money for a ‘one off’ arts event to be spent on publicity, materials, travel costs and /or fees? Perhaps you are looking for the backing of an established charitable arts organisation in support of applications to large funding bodies such as Guildford Borough Council or the Big Lottery Fund?

Guildford Shakespeare Company,
Alice 2017 (Photo Matt Pereira)

In which case you may be eligible for a small grant from Guildford Arts to help you towards your goal.

Guildford Arts Small Grants Scheme

Guildford Arts runs a small grants scheme with the principal aim of helping new local arts initiatives/projects to get off the ground.

If you have a new initiative/project and are seeking funding, please apply to

Grants are made in May and November each year.

Applications must be received by the end of April or October.

Guidance on the Criteria for a Grant

1. Grants (usually £100-250, exceptionally up to £500) will normally only be made for new initiatives not a continuation or repeat of a previous or similar activity

2. Grants will usually be given to initiatives which have a longer term potential rather than a one-off event

3. Activities which enhance the lives of disadvantaged or young people will be particularly welcome, especially if it has the potential for some continuing engagement of the young or disadvantaged in hands-on artistic activity.

4. Preference will be given to initiatives which have the potential to involve a wider group of participants and have sustained impact

5. Receipt of an award will include the requirement to agree both to publicise Guildford Arts and allow the subsequent free use by Guildford Arts of the information provided (unless there is a specific agreement to the contrary)

6. A grant will be conditional on Guildford Arts receiving a report from the organisers setting out what was achieved and what subsequent actions are proposed.

7. Following the offer of a grant, 50% of the agreed funding will be made available subject to any other conditions that may be required. The second 50% will be available once the applicant has provided a suitable illustrated report on the success of the grant aided proposal. The report should be a relatively short appraisal of how the supported scheme performed against targets and how well it was received by participants/attendees.


1. Commercial or profit making organisations, education Institutions and Local Authorities, unless it is a completely separate project, supported by the organisation and run on a not for profit basis. 

2. Retrospective applications

3. Capital expenditure or the acquisition or maintenance of buildings etc.

4. Contributions to paid employment or personal education costs

5. The full cost of an initiative/project will not be met. Significant funds must be available from other sources. Evidence showing the existence of such funds may be required.

N.B. Very rarely, in wholly exceptional circumstances, GA may waive one or more of these exclusions.


If you have a worthwhile project which meets the requirements set out above, please send the following information to

1. A short description (half/three quarters of a page) of your proposal and its objectives,

2. Details of established funding and /or realistic expected revenue
3. A breakdown of projected costs
4. The names, background and contact details of those running the project
5. A statement of the ways in which the project might develop and involve others.

If you are part of an organisation with a founding statement, constitution etc with a description of aims and objectives etc, will you please include that with your submission (or, if available on a web site, the URL).

Please note the dates for submission given at the top of this document.


Sometimes grants will be made/rejected on the basis of the above application alone: more usually, the people/person running the project will be asked to discuss the proposal with a designated member or members of the Guildford Arts Committee.

Guildford Arts
December 2012

Some examples of recent awards:

£300 toward the production of L’Orfeo opera staged by Esmond Cordingly-Poole for charity at St Mary’s in Guildford. The production gave young people the opportunity to produce and participate in a rarely staged opera.

£500 for a special arts related workshop for young people within the Always the Sun Festival in Stoke Park 

£214.25 to Forge Initiative Productions for their production of ‘Hitchhikers Guide to Guildford’.This was a special production that would be adapted for schools.

£250 for a workshop for young people as part of the national Big Draw initiative.

Funding for one of the film screenings  specifically aimed at the elderly within the Guildford Film Festival. 

Delight in Libraries - A drama production for young people from Guildford schools. £500

Grant toward installation of Physical Energy, Watts Gallery and Artists Village. £500

New Surrey Performing Arts Library - £1,000 to help more the library contents to a new site in Woking.

Pirbright Arts for a live online music concert. £600. Ongoing.

The above selection of awards were made during the period 2017 - 2020

Guildford Arts publishes a general Arts Magazine entitled ‘News & Views‘ three times a year.

Content varies from reflections on the arts and cultural scene in the Guildford area, articles concerning local arts personalities and significant events to updates on Guildford Arts and the activities of other arts organisations.

Members receive copies via our regular mailings while additional copies are distributed via the Guildford Library and The Guildford Institute.

To contact the editor, email

To view the News & Views Archive, click HERE


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