Working in tube and sheet steel rather than traditional solid steel bar encourages Ian to explore by applying traditional blacksmithing techniques of fire and hammer to modern materials. These vessels are an exploration of form, texture, and colour, always trying to produce something different and exciting. Ideas stem from exploring the curves, holes and folds of the human body and its clothing. Holes, gaps and crevices in almost anything provide further sources of inspiration. He is also inspired by contemporary ceramics and
by interpreting these ideas in steel he aims to create a unique style and unique sculptural objects.

All the vessels on display are hot forged from mild steel, hammered by hand. This process produces wonderfully subtle colour variations ranging from blue to browns, purples and deep reds, as well as beautiful surface textures. Some of the objects are patinated and all are finished with wax to preserve the texture and colour and prevent natural rusting.

Wall Hangings

These are a recent departure, experimenting in drawing in steel. Ian has tried to produce movement and drama with simple but subtly bending lines, capturing the clothes as much as the body within, derived from simple pen and ink sketches.


After a successful career with BT Ian left to follow a more creative path. On a part-time basis he began work designing and making furniture but soon realised that he needed to produce more creative pieces.

Ian snapped up the opportunity to take a foundation course at Camberwell College of Arts, where he was introduced to metalwork. This led to studying a degree in Silversmithing and Metalwork at Camberwell, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and left with a First, eager to apply his newfound creativity in the real world. Since then he has shared his time between personal projects where he can explore creatively and more functional commissions which provide an income and, rarely, a creative opportunity.

Since leaving college in1999 he has continued to develop his metalwork whilst also trying to earn a living as a Metalsmith. Ian have his own small forge in Brockley, SE London.

After a successful business career building his own design and marketing consultancy, David decided to retire to spend more time in a purely creative role.  Studying at Schumacher College in Dartington inspired him to rekindle his early passion for art in all forms.  He now enjoys painting, life drawing and sculpting, mainly in stone and bronze.

Like many artists, David is inspired by the natural world and how it affects us. In his words.

I love nature and am fascinated by our relationship to it – we get a special feeling, almost kinship, from certain rocks; peace from watching a river; awe as we stand under a regal beech tree.

 ‘Many of my pieces are carved in stone, sometimes then moulded and cast in bronze or resins. I like to stay close to the nature of the stone as I carve, not forcing against the will of the piece but trying to see what form it might contain. I try to draw out its natural living beauty – from the creamy limestone of Portland to the dark shadows of Cornish polyphant.’

‘With many of my pieces, comes a poem. The words seem to suggest themselves readily after so many hours and days spent in the creative process. I hope the poetry enhances the pleasure of the eventual owner, bringing them closer to the piece.”

David’s latest project is an eight foot tall semi-abstract human family carved from a block of polystyrene and cast as a limited edition in marble resin.

David is Deputy Chair of Surrey Sculpture Society. His work is widely exhibited and is found in private collections around the UK and Europe.

Statement / Description / Article:

Jane is a multi-media artist using paint, collage and sculpture to explore notions surrounding the human condition and specifically identity. Her work for this exhibition uses the classic shape of urns and finials to reference our urge to be seen as individuals contrasting with the need to be accepted as part of a tribe.

Jane has had nine solo shows and numerous group exhibitions across the U.K., in New York, Barcelona, India and Germany. She has painted murals in Miami and France, taught drawing at the British Museum, was Head of Art at a Prep school and is currently teaching from an artist led studio in Reigate.