Marilyn Taylor is a gold medal winner and International award winning freelance photographer. As a keen amateur, she is on the Royal Photographic Society Digital Group committee, and is an active member of two local camera clubs.

She has always been a keen photographer, from her teens, but when digital cameras became more available in 2000, she started to combine her photography with digital manipulation.

She prefers to take photographs of people and wildlife.

Andrew is a photographer who works across a range of subjects from landscapes to abstracts. He is inspired by colour, space and stories as much as places or people. So his images are often grouped in panels that tell the story of a place or an event and capture its essential visual elements and character. He is inspired by painters (Turner, Rothko or Heron) as by photographers or locations, and seeks to distil, through palette and texture, the essence of a scene.

His work includes landscapes from India to the Outer Hebrides, wild places in low light, performers on the street and on stage and everyday abstract images. He has two Royal Photographic Society Distinctions – a Licentiate, an Associateship and he is an active member of Dorking Camera Club.

Andrew uses a mirror-less digital camera and his Dad's old Nikon Film SLR, but most of all, his iPhone to capture images as he sees them.

Andrew hopes you enjoy these images and welcomes your responses to them.

Gachou is a keen photographer who has acquired an eye for spotting unusual shapes, surfaces decaying, rusting, drying subjects such as wood, fungus, flowers, metal, paint work, stonework etc… The intricacies of lines, patterns, the textures and colours is what draws her to photograph closely her subjects, where she sees some potential for interesting abstract images with a representation and expression of art as you can see in her work today. Beauty can be seen in the most simple of things and she is grateful for seeing all the things in the first place and to be able to photograph them. It has helped her to develop her personal style of photography.

Giles studied Fine Art at Farnham. It was there that he first became interested in photography and photo screen printing as a medium for expressing his interest in abstraction. He also took a degree in art history specialising in modern and Renaissance art.

He considers himself as both an educator and an artist and has exhibited widely in London and the south of England. At The Lightbox Gallery in Woking in 2015 he was awarded the main prize for the Surrey Open Photography competition.

In his images, Giles favours found objects, plants, landscape and architecture where he searches out abstract fragments of light, colour and textile. Sometimes he uses collage as extensions of this process. ‘I feel the act of looking is so important in this age of continuous streaming of images and it creates a moment in time to explore and isolate the smallest of details. I am much influenced by the work of Ernst Haas and Saul Leiter, particularly in their use of colour’.

Jim studied Graphics at Reigate School of Art. After only two years working in design studios, Jim left the art world to work variously as a taxi driver, florist, garage hand and gardener before coming back to his artist self when he worked as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at Netherne Psychiatric Hospital. Working there with patients he discovered a way of working for his own ends through the mediums of College, Found Objects and Assemblage.

Jim’s early work was largely instinctive and later became influenced by Constructivism and Bauhaus Modernism. He enjoys the variety of interpretation that found objects afford. There are opportunities to be representational or abstract, humorous or austere. Whilst there is an undeniable satisfaction in re-purposing found materials, my work is in no way an ecological statement.

Almost always the materials he uses have a previous life at the hand of man. The satisfaction for him is to bring the aesthetic quality of the discarded, abandoned and set aside before the gaze of others.

More recently he has turned to photography and monoprint, mainly because of a recent hip operation restricted his beach combing and foraging activities.

Rachael is a former lawyer turned professional photographer specialising in the coast. Her inspiration comes from a childhood spent at sea and she is best known for her Sirens portfolio, critically acclaimed photographs of stormy seas, named after creatures of myth and legend. This portfolio has won numerous awards and been published globally. It is currently on exhibition in Brighton, UK (September 2018) and Massachusetts, USA (September – November 2018) and it is the subject of a fine art photo book published by Triplekite.

Rachael has exhibited in major London galleries, Barcelona and New York and her limited edition prints appear in private collections in the UK and USA. She owns f11 Workshops through which she runs photography workshops in the South East of England and she also leads tours for Ocean Capture, an international photography tours business. Rachael writes for photography magazines and is in demand as a public speaker. She was described as one of 'the best outdoor Photographers working in the UK today' by Outdoor Photography Magazine, June 2016 and she is a judge for the Outdoor Photographer of the Year contest.
Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018.
Classic View winner, Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017
Sunday Times Magazine’s Award winner, Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016
My photograph 'Medusa' has been awarded a prize in the Siena International Photography Awards 2018. It was also one of a portfolio of 10 of my 'Sirens' that was shortlisted in the professional portfolio section of the Sony World Photography Awards 2018, the largest photography competition in the world.

Jon is a photographer from Guildford who has only just recently started to present his work to a public audience since settling into the urban genre.

American documentary photographer Elliott Erwitt once stated "Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place", and this is very much true to Jon’s approach as he challenges himself to find the hidden beauty in scenes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Jon often creates an underlying narrative to his images with the inclusion of signs, notices and warnings, highlighting mans obsession with control—usually over an environment where often control has been lost or was never even there in the first place.

All images are printed as limited edition prints of 25 copies and are printed on 260gsm velvet fine art paper with archival inks, mounted with acid-free mount board and framed behind low-reflection glass.

Mandy was born in Bolton, Lancashire, but have spent most of her life in the South, although she considers herself a proud northerner!

She is a self-taught photographer and bought a film camera, age 17, with her first six months wages. Initially, rather reluctantly, she changed over to digital eight years ago.

She looks for the unusual and candid in everyday things and situations setting the camera manually to avoid digital editing afterwards, wherever possible. Previously, she has exhibited at the Guildford Institute – including a very successful solo exhibition.

The photographs in this exhibition are an insight into how we interact with our coastline and beaches.

More of her work, and contact details, can be viewed on her website.

Julie is a Scottish born, Guildford based photographer with a passion for wild landscapes and garden photography.  She creates images that offer breathing space and a journey for the eye, often with a sense of peace. Calm and stillness, her exhibition of landscapes, ‘Freeze and Flow’ are being displayed for the first time in this exhibition.  The selection of images, ranging from the north-west wilderness of Scotland to the fragile Sussex coastline reflect either a subtle or obvious influence of the elements

Julie has run a successful freelance photography business for the past 10 years and has been published in Surrey Life, The Lady and Metro.  She also accepts commissions.

In 2011/ 2012 Liz had two paintings accepted for exhibition in London. One in the Pastel Society Exhibition at the Mall Galleries and one in the Royal Watercolour Society Exhibition at Bankside Gallery. In 2012, 2015 and 2016 she had a painting exhibited at Patchings Art Festival and in both 2013 and 2014, had one painting highly commended. Liz has also exhibited at local galleries and shows.