My work sits between abstraction and figuration and is anchored in the landscapes which have inspired me in my homes and on our travels. I love vibrant colour, influenced certainly by living in India and Texas where the strong sun brings colour to life. I use colour expressively to capture a feeling or mood. In the same way my landscapes often include the suggestion of a house or home as a metaphor for feeling part of the landscape.

Kingston-based artist Nataliya Zozulya started working as a figurative painter when she graduated from National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine. She used to work with Eric Rimmington when her family moved to London in 2001.
During her career as a professional artist, Nataliya completed a number of projects each having a distinct theme: her early subtle figurative paintings explored femininity, later bright bold canvasses depicted the impressions from her travels to North Africa and South East. Nataliya uses muffled, reserved colours in her series of London cityscapes, portraying the city void of the immediate physical presence of people. She continues to express her love for the great city in her intricate and unique digital collages, full of vibrancy and sound of the crowd, printed on canvas and hand finished with sprays and acrylic.

Nataliya’s favourite genre is portraiture. She has an ability to capture not only the exact likeness of her sitters but also their character and a sense of their inner being. She creates a happy atmosphere of interaction during the sitting hours where both an artists and the sitter are creators of the portrait.

Nataliya works in layers and her mastery of oil painting techniques allows her to effortlessly adapt her methods to the demands of the project, ranging from washes, thin layers of paint, to coarse, spontaneous impasto, working with palette knives and, if needed, fingers to enrich the texture of the painting.

During her professional career as an artist, Natalie has held numerous successful solo and group shows in London, Moscow, Manila, Ankara, Istanbul, Magdeburg, Kiev and her painting can be found in private collections internationally. In London, she is a member of Richmond Art Society, The Fountain Gallery Artists Association and local Art group KAOS. Her works were accepted to the prestigious Mall gallery exhibitions.

Born in Guildford, Fiona studied Art at what was then known as the West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham.

She works mainly in acrylic, applying thick layers with credit cards, fingers and occasionally a brush from her studio in Hampshire. Her work is inspired by the beautiful countryside where she daily walks her dog, but her love of colours and use of space on the canvas is what excites her most about painting. Fiona’s goal is to make her paintings com alive, using colours that bring her energy on to the canvas. She sees the world in a geometric format, breaking down images into shapes before translating that on to the canvas.

Fiona exhibits regularly at The New Ashgate in Farmham, Surrey, as well as being represented by the galleries The Art Agency and No Naked Walls.

Naomi is a Surrey textile and mixed media artist looking at the sunny side of life. She loves combining her handcrafted birds and other familiar animals with vintage garden tools and kitchenalia, all of which have their own story.

Naomi is a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Beth has always enjoyed using paper, making vessels, candelabras, jewellery etc. Now for the past 16 years she has been making collage pictures, mostly inspired by the countryside around her as well as some portraits of family and friends. The camping picture is a representation of an annual event to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

Beth is not a fast worker and makes 3 or 4 pictures a year at best. It is a long process, firstly ripping out pages from magazines until she has the colour range needed. Tearing, cutting, trying things out, fixing, starting and repeating again. After much patience and frustration it is ready to stick down but again a fiddly and time-consuming process.

She hopes you recognise some of the landscapes and some of you may recognise Peta White who is shown in Peta in Yellow.

If you are interested she has had Fine Art Glicee prints made of these images which are available unframed for £50 each.

Jim studied Graphics at Reigate School of Art. After only two years working in design studios, Jim left the art world to work variously as a taxi driver, florist, garage hand and gardener before coming back to his artist self when he worked as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at Netherne Psychiatric Hospital. Working there with patients he discovered a way of working for his own ends through the mediums of College, Found Objects and Assemblage.

Jim’s early work was largely instinctive and later became influenced by Constructivism and Bauhaus Modernism. He enjoys the variety of interpretation that found objects afford. There are opportunities to be representational or abstract, humorous or austere. Whilst there is an undeniable satisfaction in re-purposing found materials, my work is in no way an ecological statement.

Almost always the materials he uses have a previous life at the hand of man. The satisfaction for him is to bring the aesthetic quality of the discarded, abandoned and set aside before the gaze of others.

More recently he has turned to photography and monoprint, mainly because of a recent hip operation restricted his beach combing and foraging activities.

“Exploring the landscape and light and the everyday”

Nic works across a range of expressive media, is self taught, having worked largely in watercolour en plein aire since his early teens.
Nic teaches watercolour to adults and exhibits regularly. His current output focuses around subject matter close to hand – the coast and the South Downs.
Media used include watercolour, mixed, pastel, oil and digital (iPad) drawings.

Faye loves to experiment with colour, texture and mixed media either on canvas or wood. When possible she likes to use found or recycled materials. Faye hopes that people will find her work fun and uplifting to look at. She works from gut instinct and finds inspiration from the world around her, producing her best work from a place of playfulness and intuition.

Statement / Description / Article:

Jane is a multi-media artist using paint, collage and sculpture to explore notions surrounding the human condition and specifically identity. Her work for this exhibition uses the classic shape of urns and finials to reference our urge to be seen as individuals contrasting with the need to be accepted as part of a tribe.

Jane has had nine solo shows and numerous group exhibitions across the U.K., in New York, Barcelona, India and Germany. She has painted murals in Miami and France, taught drawing at the British Museum, was Head of Art at a Prep school and is currently teaching from an artist led studio in Reigate.