Elaine works both in ceramics and digital print. Her most recent work combines both these techniques.

The work on show at this exhibition is her experimental digital print work. Elaine uses several different starting points for this work. Traditional mono printing, photography, textual mark making etc… she uses Photoshop on the computer and ProCreate on the iPad, these are sent back and forth and worked on by both applications until the desired result is achieved. The prints are then printed on Fine Art Paper on an inkjet printer. The inks are pigment inks which ensure their longevity.

Martin’s work begins with memories, his childhood, this is how his process starts, vivid recollections of whom he is and where he came from. A journey from the Past to the Present, Situations, Surroundings, the people he meets and the journey Martin’s life has taken so far.

Martin classes his work as Abstract Expressionism and explores printmaking and digital art techniques. Combining both methods together, Martin creates abstract compositions which are full of personal emotion, colour, shape and energy.

Martin has spent his career in education, Comprehensives in London, Teacher’s Colleges in Nigeria and Further Education in Weybridge.  During much of this time he has also written poetry, attending Wey Poets, Guildford, co-editing Weyfarers, getting poems into numerous magazines and publishing five short books.

After retirement, he has had more time to pursue art, describing his work at first as Collages, later simply as cut-outs.  He has shown his work in coffee-bars, Guildford Library, Guildford Institute and Godalming Museum.  He is especially pleased to be showing his work at Clyde & Co where, as previous visits have demonstrated the work is of a very high standard.

Lawrence was born in Guildford and raised in Godalming he has spent most of his life in west Surrey where he is probably best known for having organised and promoted folk clubs, festivals, concerts and dances for over 40 years. He worked briefly in a graphics studio at the end of the ‘70s where he illustrated or designed album/CD sleeves, poster and books of folk tales.

After reading an article about Alice In Wonderland being translated into emojis it occurred to me that the narrative nature of traditional ballads would also lend themselves to these 21st century hieroglyphs. Lawrence soon realised that this would involve not only the adaptation of existing emojis but also the creation of a whole lexicon of new ones; soldiers, sailors, milkmaids, ploughboys, farmers and the like. This became addictive and led, indirectly, to this exhibition. As well as containing two folk songs it also includes works by Lennon-McCartney, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Shakespeare, Aesop and M.R.James.