Sunita Khedekar
07917 704062

Sunita graduated from Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India. She paints on a wide range of subjects including contemporary landscapes, abstract art and Indian mythological/traditional paints. Her favourite medium is acrylic on canvas and her paintings feature cheerful colours and unique texture quality. She is inspired by the whole concept of creativity; the idea that a blank canvas can be turned into something that someone will cherish is very exciting to her. She also enjoys the fact that a painting can mean different things to different people and she has been happy paintings with acrylics for most of her life.

Although beautiful English countryside landscapes, hills, and small villages fascinate her, Sunita says nature has influenced her style. Subconsciously whatever she sees has an effect on her, teaching her about form, colour, techniques and texture. She feels she has absorbed all these lessons into the work she produces.

Boat of Life