A Study in Rose 1

Kate Bamber

07973 385574

Kate trained as an artist many years ago and then became a make-up artist working in London for some good photographers and magazines. Being exposed to all that fashion, beauty and creativity inspired her to start creating again. Kate decided to return to University to re-train as a Photographer in 2013.

Kate uses the camera and computer to produce images that she feels resonates
with her. She enjoys the process of discovering colour, tone, structure and composition that she can achieve by combining in camera and computer effects.

The idea for this series of images of roses comes from an original group of images taken of funeral flowers. When her father died in 2015, she wanted to capture something beautiful that was not too maudlin. She watched how the flowers peaked and then started to decay. The shapes and colours they created were beautiful and she felt there was a great connection between the life of a flower and a human life, there is still beauty as we age and she wanted to capture this beauty and preserve it.

A Study in Rose 2