Mono Fool 34 cms tall x 20 cms wide papier mache

Jane Hawkins

Instagram: jane.hawkins3
07963 402485

Statement / Description / Article:

Jane is a multi-media artist using paint, collage and sculpture to explore notions surrounding the human condition and specifically identity. Her work for this exhibition uses the classic shape of urns and finials to reference our urge to be seen as individuals contrasting with the need to be accepted as part of a tribe.

Jane has had nine solo shows and numerous group exhibitions across the U.K., in New York, Barcelona, India and Germany. She has painted murals in Miami and France, taught drawing at the British Museum, was Head of Art at a Prep school and is currently teaching from an artist led studio in Reigate.


Mono Urn 92 cm tall
Urns various
Mono Urn 92 cms tall x30 wide, papier mache
Mixed Mono Urn and Wall Hangings