Overcoming Prejudice

David Crosby

07708 902473

David re-discovered printmaking at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford after many years away from artistic activities . David has found printmaking to be a natural home: inspired by the processes, the materials and the camaraderie it imbues. He enjoys exploring the mark making of printing and the effects and worlds one can create from these. The unexpected results the process can sometimes present enhance the challenge and opportunities for creativity. Excited to keep learning, he wants to weave together different forms of printmaking to explore their contrasts and cohesiveness.

Although his work has an illustrative basis, rather than focusing on narrative it explores the relationship between character, emotion and space. He likes to invite the viewer to question what they are seeing whilst recognising objects, actions or their suggestion.

His inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources: mythology, legends, literature, photojournalism and artificial intelligence. Film theory and in particular the practices and conventions of early silent film are key interests. Many of the exponents of early film looked to paintings to inspire their work and so it seems natural to use their films and their artistic thinking to inspire his prints.

Temptation (after Murnau)
Notte Dame de Paris
Huginn and Muninn
Fenrir Breaks Free