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Guildford Arts at the Guildford Institute

Organised by: Guildford Arts
Start Date
22 May, 2023
End Date
3 July, 2023

Guildford Arts at the Guildford Institute


Two more talented artists showcase their work at the Guildford Institute...




‘In every drop of water, there is a story of life’

Kahlil Gibran

Water is powerful and mysterious and has fascinated humans for centuries. It flows through our lives in various forms, from the rain that falls from the sky to the rivers and oceans that surround us. Water is a unifying force, connecting everything from the smallest stream to the largest ocean.

As an artist, I have been drawn to water and its teachings, exploring its many aspects in my work. Water has been an ongoing source of inspiration for me, with its ever-changing patterns, ripples and currents.

In this series of experimental works on paper I have incorporated fine silver leaf and sterling silver thread to represent the reflective qualities of water.

I have been trialing different colours of light and dark shades of blue and found myself being drawn to the colour of Indigo - A natural plant dye used by the Japanese for centuries and traditionally worn by royalty. Indigo represents a spectrum of emotions for me - from calmness and tranquility to depth and mystery.

I hope these paintings will inspire the viewer to reflect on the meditative quality of water that is both calming and energising.



M: 07788 829635


Jo is a contemporary, mixed-media artist working from her studio in Guildford.

Her work encompasses many different subjects, and yet the common thread is that she’s harnessing the joy and spontaneity of what comes when she creates.

Her pieces draw you in, inviting you to look further – as if you’re on a journey into the picture. Her forms are simplified and bold. Marks are expressive. Colours are often vibrant, joyful, celebratory. The overall look is contemporary and striking. 

Her current studio work is focused on the process of painting - the smell & feel of paint; the getting messy; the layering up; making marks with different tools; and the surprise of what emerges. ‘Blue Jug’ and ‘At Night’ are examples of this approach.

NOTE: The Prints are Limited Edition Fine Art Gicléé Print from an Edition of 30 per design. More Prints are available from each Edition.

1* The Originals are for sale on her Website

Jo’s work has been exhibited throughout Surrey including at Ochre Print Studio and Cranleigh Arts.

Home loans of pictures are available. Please text or phone Jo on 07771 542457 to arrange an easy loan.

Follow Jo on Instagram by searching jo.maughan and visit her website at .

The Private View will be held on Wednesday 14 June from 6.30-7.30 pm  at the Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford, GU1 4LH