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Organised by: Guildford Arts
Start Date
3 October, 2025
End Date
7 November, 2023


NAOMI BEEVERS  I am a textile and mixed media artist using pre-loved largely domestic items and looking at the sunny side of life. My love of humour, social history, textiles cookery and nature combine in my 3D and wall art pieces.  My childhood in the 1960’s and 70’s Devon and Cornwall has influenced my art and has given me an appreciation of art of that era, vintage domestic items and local wildlife.  Now living in Surrey, I spend a lot of time walking locally and watching the beautiful birds. - - 07947 707324

ROSALINDA KIGHTLEY  After many years as a children’s book illustrator, Rosalinda now paints flowers and still lifes along with gently surreal landscapes where rabbits exist in semi-human form.  She loves to walk through urban or country landscapes, always with an eye open for the strange or slightly odd. Photographs are then used as a starting point for many of her paintings.  Plants, flowers, unusual structures and buildings are a great source of inspiration.  Her past life as a book illustrator means Rosalinda’s paintings often have a narrative element running through them. It’s up to us to decide what that story is. - - 07564 344519