Price: £8.00

Artist Talk with @stevexoh

Organised by: New House Art Space
Start Date
12 October, 2022
End Date
12 October, 2022

Artist Talk with @stevexoh

Artist Talk with @stevexoh : 9 Wonky Projects interspersed with thoughts on creativity and the human condition (featuring a bingo machine)

An unusual, entertaining and interactive session. Steve will share some stories of his weird and wonderful art projects.

The pioneering therapist Laura Perls once said that every patient needs their own new form of therapy and artist, writer and speaker Steve Chapman believes the same is true for human creativity and the development of our own unique artful practices.

In this unusual, entertaining and interactive session Steve will simply share some stories of his weird and wonderful art projects and invite the audience to consider the relevance to their lives, their work and broader society. The bingo machine will randomly decide which stories Steve will share.

This talk aims to provide no answers. No tangible take-aways, models or formulae that you can subsequently repeat to achieve some guaranteed results. Instead it invites participants to do the hard work of chewing over what is uniquely helpful for them in order to liberate their own creative freedom.

This talk is for anyone that is keen to understand how habitual patterns of stuckness impact their lives and their work and how moving towards a philosophy of not knowing, wanton experimentation and passionate non-attachment can liberate a more enlivening and artistic approach that is a fundamental part of being human.

Steve is an artist, writer and speaker interested in creativity and the human condition. He has sold his work across all seven continents and exhibited alongside the likes of Pablo Picasso and David Shrigley. He is at his best when he is not quite sure what he is doing.