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Organised by: Guildford Arts
Start Date
9 March, 2023
End Date
24 April, 2023


Louise is a mixed media artist who is know for her portrait paper mâché heads of her ancestors and of other peoples ancestors. She has recently being working with collage papers using the1960’s note books of her Architect father as the starting point for her work. She has also been using her own mono printed papers in bright graphic colours and shapes to compliment the old sketch books.  In 2019 Watts Gallery invited her to be Artist in Residence where her studio was open to the public and she worked with schools, volunteers and special needs groups ending with an exhibition of her and their work.

E:  M: 07941 640143


Sue paints pictures of everyday folk, taking a lighter look at life and capturing people's warmth and humanity.  The aim is that you’ll recognise something in the image, as if it's a reflection of someone you know or a certain behaviour - evoking a sense of the familiar.  The majority of her work in oil, Sue starts by drawing with paint, taking a deep breath and going straight into the masses with a loaded brush.   It’s very Zen – the focus of all her work being on the essence of the image, rather than the finer detail.  All the moments captured are of people Sue has seen whilst out and about doing her favourite thing – people watching, with sketchbook and camera in hand.

E:  W:  M: 07876 214203

Love Me Tender by Sue Ransley

Main ImageSue Grundy